What do you think about the future of globalization? ~ Al-Reza The Edutainment

What do you think about the future of globalization?

 What do you think about the future of globalization?

future of globalization

International trade is not only a long-term plan for the development of international trade, but also a short-term plan for the development of underdeveloped, limited or slow growing countries in their region. 

To set an example for China and India, Asia in particular, provided the land and money to build the knowledge infrastructure that made China and India the two most important economies in the world. Can the same be said for Africa or Latin America? Over the past decade, many developing countries have begun to make progress in increasing their economic potential in an era of global economic and technological development, supported by many long-accepted neoliberal perspectives. Economic initiatives in economic development, Africa is one of the most successful. Can it be said that global economic and political capitalism is in danger?

The speed at which the globalized world creates wealth, new business structures and new types of businesses will eventually result in new business models that underpin global capitalism. Therefore, we can expect the emergence of new sustainable trade structures and mechanisms that will lead the world towards economic growth and turbulent international trade.

Theoretical models of sustainable business development aimed at a type of development that benefits all people require a number of basic strategies to facilitate the industrialization of different economies. Achieving sustainable development. For example, “continent-based manufacturers” may focus on the importance of housing development and work with local economies to promote industrial processes that enable resilient production, global supply chains and regional competitiveness, and technoeconomic integration. make. Robust and less predictable border controls.

One term I like to use is “domestic export”. It describes a type of business that increases the rate of return but maintains a high level of security. The main disadvantage of such localization-based businesses is the cost required to invest in them as they offer a direct path to achieve high returns in the domestic markets.

“Geopolitical imperialism” is a concept used to enrich global capital and increase the value of trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI provides local revenue source. In other words, it weakens currencies. However, local investors have a strong tendency to influence local management in creating wealth.

On the other hand, we can conclude that an open market economy in China and India were the economies that benefited the most from international trade and investment policies last year.

Given the pace of modernization and development in both China and India, continued activity in these economies can be expected to contribute to more sustainable global growth in cooperation with so-called “green industrialization”, economic diversification. Or even a solution to global industrial systems?


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